• Document requirements.

    To open an account, you must provide two documents: one confirming the identity and the second for address of residence.

    * The submitted documents must be full-sized, have all the pages, not be cropped, smeared (hiding any information) or edited in Photoshop; The document must be valid and contain the dates of issue or the expiry date.

    As an identity document, you can download (optional):

    a foreign passport (a copy of a reversal with a photograph);

    ID card (copies of both sides);

    driver's license (copies of both parties);

    general passport (including a spread with registration, for citizens of Ukraine - copies of turns 0-1, 2-3, 4-5).

    As a document confirming the address, you can download one of the following documents (of your choice):

    registration (together with the main spread of the internal passport for the citizens of Russia and Belarus, turning pages 0-1, 2-3, 4-5 for citizens of Ukraine);

    invoice for payment of utilities (water, electricity, gas, internet, cable TV);

    bank statement (the document must contain the name of the account holder, account number, as well as transactions and their details);

    a document confirming the rental of housing (lease);

    a certificate of temporary registration (for those who are temporarily registered at the place of stay);

    address information (for citizens of Kazakhstan)

    residence permit (together with a foreign passport).

    Verification of the account is always made to the address of actual residence or to the address of registration (if it coincides with the address of actual residence).